Response Format

API Responses are all in JSON format.  The response will be a json-encoded object with two properties:

  • code - an API Response Status Code
  • response - the API Response Data

API Response Status Code

If the response status code is 200, the response property will hold the data you have requested.

If the response status code is anything other than 200, you encountered an error.  In this case, the response property will contain an array of objects, each object containing the code & message for each error encountered.

Example Error Response:

            "response":"Invalid API Public Key"


API Response Data

The format of the response data property will depend on the resource you requested.  If you requested a list, the response data will be an array of objects.  If you requested a single item detail, the response data will be an object.

For details on the cotents of each resource response data, please see the individual resource's documentation page.