Request Format

API Requests are made of three components:

  • Resource path (dot notation)
  • API Key
  • Required Parameters

With this version of the API, all requests are HTTP GET requests.

To construct a request, you will need to format the URI as follows:{resource.path}

Resource Paths

The resource path is described in the API documentation.

API Keys

With every request you will need to send an API key, and the method will slightly vary depending on whether your are making a public-facing (Javascript) request or a private, server-side request.  In either case, you must ensure that you have added the domain you are accessing the API from to your list of valid domains (in your campaign dashboard).

Therefore, if you are making a public-facing request, you will use a URI as follows:{resource.path}&api_key={api_key}

whereas, if you are making a server-side request, you will use a URI as follows:{resource.path}&api_secret={api_secret}

Required Parameters

Required parameters should be added to the URI in standard query string format: